Wedding Planning and Consultancy Packages

What We Do – will&jac offer Wedding Planning and Consultancy Packages to meet your individual needs. We understand that as an engaged couple there are many elements which may be completely new, areas you’re not confident in, and other tasks that you’d prefer to be handled for you. Cue will&jac!

We also wish to pass on our extensive industry know-how to the next generation of Wedding Planners, with will&jac also offering Wedding Coordinator Consultancy – an in-depth look into the world of Weddings through the eyes of two hands-on, in the field, Wedding Planners.

Whether you choose from our signature Wedding Planning Packages, require something more couple specific, or should you choose to implement our skillset through our E-Compendium services, will&jac aims to provide your Wedding Day with all the necessary tools to ensure it exceeds your expectations at every turn. 

‘Hand Over the Reigns’

Our Signature 6 week On the Day Planning Package

You’ve been in the thick of your Wedding planning since your Engagement but now it’s time to change your role from ‘planner’ to ‘stars of the show’ because you’re getting Married! Our signature 6 week hand over package showcases our attention to detail and planning prowess in the final stages towards your Wedding Day.

Putting together the many details for a Wedding Day is a full time job and nothing quite prepares you for the final weeks towards your special Day. The home stretch is the busiest, with travelling family and friends beginning to arrive, final details being confirmed to your supplier teams and timelines requiring delicate finishing touches. As your excitement levels rise, this is when you deserve to hand over the reigns to two dedicated professionals providing a customised personal service, allowing you to immerse yourself in enjoying the weeks towards your marriage. This package offers peace of mind knowing that every aspect is being meticulously brought together and that your On the Day teams are well orchestrated.

Our ‘Hand Over The Reigns’ package engages will&jac from six week’s prior to your Wedding date. At this stage we meet for an in-depth face-to-face consultation where you hand over all details relating to your already secured and personally hand-picked supplier teams for us to then coordinate and complete, turning your vision into reality.

This six week timeline is based on our experience, knowledge and background in event management and allows us suitable time to fill-in any potential gaps, re-shape any missing pieces, introduce ourselves to your working teams and allow us to be across all areas of your Day as we provide a Project Management service encompassing all elements. From this point you only receive correspondence from will&jac, as we then inform you of any outstanding queries and manage all areas on your behalf.

Our ‘Hand Over The Reigns’ package includes :

  • a face-to–face detailed consultation & hand over to will&jac six weeks prior to your Wedding Day
  • unlimited email contact and phone availability during business hours
  • Ceremony and Reception venue inspections
  • personalised Wedding timeline creation and management
  • coordination and confirmation of your pre-booked suppliers
  • Wedding etiquette advice
  • oversee and direct your Ceremony Rehearsal
  • coordinate your Bridal Party and immediate family On the Day
  • assist with photography logistics
  • ensure your Ceremony and Reception venue theming and set up is executed
  • full on the day coordination – ten hours

Please note travel and accommodation fees may apply outside of Melbourne suburbs.

Prices commence from $5,500 incl GST

‘Wedding E-Planner’

Are you needing guidance and industry insight as to how to plan your Wedding Day in a timely and stress-free manner? Are you happy to action the management of your planning independently but would like the peace of mind of two professional planner’s insight to ensure you’re on the right track? Then this package is for you!

We understand that Wedding Planners are a value-added investment to a celebration, but it’s not always something that can be factored into a Wedding budget. will&jac have created a signature Wedding E-Planner to assist in gathering your individual Wedding details into a focused and detailed action plan, to get your date on the straight and narrow.

Based on a series of tailored Wedding Day questions, we provide you with :

  • an all-encompassing detailed Event Order which you are able to manage and edit as required towards your celebrations including tips and guidance throughout the provided document
  • detailed To Do List to ensure you’re asking your team of suppliers all the right questions towards your date
  • tailored supplier recommendations per category (applicable for Melbourne only)
  • personalised budget recommendations
  • unlimited email contact with will&jac for three months from the start of the package to cover your planning period (please note that all supplier confirmations and liaising would need to be officiated directly between yourself and your respective teams and are not included as part of our package inclusions)

This service options allows you to work based around your own schedule, no need for face-to-face appointments, and is able to be easily implemented electronically by following our outlined steps.

We’re aware that Weddings can occasionally be an overwhelming and challenging time, therefore allow our expertise to provide a strong basis for your celebrations through our Wedding E-Planner.

Price: $660 incl GST

‘Planning around COVID’

We are in unprecedented times due to the surreal circumstances surrounding COVID, but these restrictions will lift and therefore the Wedding ‘show must go on’!

With this in mind, will&jac are able to offer a specialised ‘Planning around COVID’ coordination package, an external Wedding planning service to assist you in ensuring your Day and details are managed in a stress free and seamless manner.

This includes :

  • Assisting with postponement logistics of pre-booked venues and supplier teams
  • Actioning revised Save The Date invites to your guest list
  • Providing a detailed timeline and to-do list to ensure your Wedding Day aspects are ticking along towards your date
  • Industry support, guidance and a listening ear in a time when excitement can be clouded by uncertainty

There are many elements involved in a Wedding and this package enables us to meet your specific requirements. Tell us how will&jac can assist you and we will design a tailored specific package. Contact us today with your needs so we can provide you with indicative costings for absolute peace of mind.

‘Venue Scouting’

Have you recently become engaged and are now inundated with a barrage of unknowns? Questions such as, where do you want to get married? What time of year? CBD or rural Melbourne? Who’s invited? Budget?!

You’re not meant to have all the answers, especially when it comes to venues, working within your budget and making sure your other must-have details are included. Allow our industry expertise and insider knowledge to exceed your Wedding wish list and find your perfect venue!

Our ‘Venue Scouting’ Wedding Planning Packages include:

  • A shortlist of 3 to 4 venues, based on your provided brief. This shortlist includes all the ins and outs of each location, costings, inclusions and logistics
  • Our signature ‘Wild Card’ option – we love thinking outside the box!
  • Coordination of site inspections, including full liaison with the venue until your Wedding date is confirmed in full

Package commences from $880 including GST.

Private Property Weddings

Non-venue Weddings allow you as a couple to truly showcase your special Day in a temporary space – every detail is your own – but you also require hands-on, detail driven Project Managers to get you on track, cue will&jac!

will&jac pride ourselves in bespoke Private Property Wedding project management. We bring our meticulous attention to detail and logistical prowess to your Wedding Day vision and through our expert consultancy services, we ensure your dreams are able to become reality!

No property or idea is too big or small for this Wedding planning duo, who are able to visit your site and offer a detailed feasibility assessment to ensure your space is workable, and from there, provide a personalised To Do List to get the planning underway.

We are also able to assist with providing a supportive A-List of industry suppliers for all aspects from the ground up, the bees-knees in Sperry Tent and Marquee companies, a detailed event order to ensure everyone is on the same page and from this, peace of mind that your Wedding Day will move forward with a well executed plan.

Please note that this package does not include will&jac being present On the Day.

Contact us now with your Private Property requests for indicative Wedding Planning Consultancy costings.

‘SOS’ will&jac

Unanswered questions? Unsure if you’re on-track? Perhaps it’s all just too much? Never fear, will&jac are here!

Life is unpredictable, Weddings are all encompassing occasions and sometimes you just need to sit down and talk it through – let will&jac meet you and take all the stress and uncertainty away. We can provide bespoke Wedding consultancy packages to review your current details and put you back on the straight and narrow, passing on detailed ‘to do lists’ for you to action, tailored timelines and give you confidence to fall back in love in with your Day and details.

Our ‘SOS’ Wedding Planning Packages commence from $440 including GST for a 2 hour consultation, additional time at $130 per hour including GST.

will&jac Wedding Planner Consultancy

Are you hoping to make the world of Wedding Planning your career? Eager to learn and experience it’s ‘ins and outs’ from two of Melbourne’s leading specialists? Then this opportunity is for you!

Join Catherine and Clare for a virtual personalised Wedding Planner Consultancy session. Bring your wildest event planning dreams, every industry query and be ready to leave with a true insight into all things Weddings and Planning from two meticulous Wedding professionals.

Business to Business Consultancy

Do you wish to ensure your branding and business details highlight your services to the newly engaged to the best of their ability? Would you like to know what’s important to couples when securing their Wedding A Team? Allow will&jac to delve into your business head first!

With their extensive knowledge of Melbourne venues, suppliers and what a couple places as a priority for their Wedding Day,  Catherine and Clare now offer personalised business to business consultancy to pass on their Wedding knowledge to your company.

Attention focused, detail driven, professional, hands-on and client facing, we want to exceed your expectations and ensure your services are top of the list where Weddings are concerned.

Contact us now for indicative Business to Business Consultancy costings.