Love and Savings

Once your Engagement celebrations have left their loved up, warm fuzzies with you and your fiancé – it’s time to get onto the nitty gritty of Wedding Planning. And with this comes the big question – what is your Wedding budget? ekkk!!

These days couples all have their own ‘must have’ elements which are crucial to their day. And while your Wedding is one of the most important days of your life, while also being engaged you might be busy delving into a new work role, purchasing your dream home and even adding to your family with the addition of a four legged friend – talk about doing it all at once! So as life continues to move along, the following expert tidbits can certainly assist in trimming down your Wedding budget and allowing your Day to feature your treasured details in a more stress free and accommodating manner.

Budget – Together you will need to discuss what your bottomline balance is for your Wedding prior to securing any suppliers or spaces. Once this figure is agreed upon, create an excel spreadsheet with this total and keep a running tally on your costings as they are confirmed. We recommend working out what suppliers for your Day are most important – Is it live music for both your Ceremony and Reception? Photography? A statement styling element for your Reception? Perhaps cars? Whichever aspect is most reflective of you as a couple and your priorities, you must then be willing to be more flexible and accommodating with other bookings, to allow your preferred detail to shine.

original_wedding-fund-wooden-money-boxGuest List – It’s the second largest element and detail towards your Day, and one that needs immediate attention. Your guest numbers will greatly affect your proposed venue/location, costings per person and is the primary centrepiece to your budget. This conversation needs to be well communicated by you and your fiancé, along with a bottle of wine!, and then from here your respective parents/family, prior to leaping head first into your venue searching. And trust us, when inviting the overseas contingency and expecting that they won’t be willing to make the long trip to Australia – think again! Who isn’t wanting to escape for well deserved holiday, especially when it features your special day.

Seasons – If you’re a little more open to either a Summer or Winter celebration, May to September is a Wedding budget dream, allowing for more flexibility with dates as well as minimum spends and costings per person. If you’re looking for a venue to assist with your Day, they often include Winter specials which mean more bang for your buck – we can already hear the Champagne popping! Also, be open to the suggestion of either a Friday or Sunday date – your guest’s are going to be there regardless so why not let the savings start immediately.

Flowers – Seasonal florals are another great way to ensure a reasonable flower costing for your Wedding. We agree, peonies are drop dead gorgeous and such a timeless addition to your stylings but ensuring that your flowers are reflective of the season and easily accessible on your planned month is paramount. You can still incorporate a gorgeous palette of colour and range of textures but let your florist take charge and do what they do best – guide you towards the most complimentary of blooms to highlight your vision.

Let them help! – Take up offers of help by family prior to the Day and the use your friends talent towards elements of your celebrations that won’t cause necessary stress. We think that the Day itself should certainly be guided by experts – everyone wants to enjoy the festivities once the date arrives, even your family! – but the last minute running around (trips to the airport, organising dinners, collecting suits, making your bonbonniere etc) are additional details that can certainly be actioned on your behalf.

At the end of the day, you’re getting married! Enjoy the journey – immerse yourself in every moment – and if you decide it’s all too much, call in the experts and allow their knowledge to support you at every turn, while still ensuring it’s your Day in every way! x

Tying the knot with your Wedding venue!

Your chosen Wedding location reflects the style and feel for your Day. The surroundings and atmosphere will then flow through to your stationary, florals, attire, music, transport, cake and all other significant details to form a cohesive and tailored theme. Every couple has their own individual likes, dislikes, influences and story, making every Wedding Day unique and inspiring.

ATEIA Photography & VideoWhen gifted with the natural setting of Collingwood Children’s Farm, we delighted in the raw qualities of Mother Nature – animals, wild foliage and herbs, rustic barns and vast paddocks. For this particular celebration, the location was hand-selected by our beautiful couple and showcased their Day and wishes to perfection.

A marquee Wedding is built from the ground up – there are no pre-existing structures – all elements need to be brought in to create the location of your dreams. With all the emotion and excitement that comes with the early stages of Wedding planning, it is very easy to see a venue, get excited and sign the contract. However with the added considerations of outdoor locations, especially in beloved Melbourne, it’s a tough task to ensure all the necessary structural items are onsite to make your space both structurally sound, logistically efficient and welcoming – possibilities and wishes that all become reality with the guidance and support of your Wedding go-to girls, will&jac!

ATEIA Photography & Video

One of our favourite key elements for this celebration was their open air dance floor – dripping in festoon lights, it created the focal centrepiece of their Reception with guests dancing the night away, while also providing the ultimate backdrop for formalities. They also tailored their customised photo booth to make for an interactive statement, perfectly positioned beside the dance action to allow everyone to be engaged and entertain themselves along the way.

When you tie the knot with your Wedding venue, allow the key elements of why you choose your location to shine – ultimately, the love you and your fiancee share will transpire and leave guests with unforgettably moments in your dream location! x

Life, Love and Marriage

Weddings are a celebration of a couple’s unique love story and with each journey comes family and friends who have been part of every turn. For a recent couple, the day was equally as importance to highlight these friendships, their appreciation of family and to recognise their guests relationships and how they have supported their story – life, love and marriage!

With this in mind, they decided on a desJS_COLOUR_0009tination Wedding to allow their intimate guest list the opportunity to remove themselves from the daily going-ons and plan a Wedding with even more refined detail for both the couple and their guests to truly enjoy. A destination celebration requires even more meticulous attention to ensure that no scenario goes unturned, as it does require extra effort from all parties – reaching the location, advanced commitment to your plans and the factoring in of family, work and financials – and in the couple’s added extra special touches this was acknowledged, prepared for and appreciated.

Our destination was rural Victoria, a natural beauty 3 hours from Melbourne. The first stop for our lucky guests, a customised Pit Stop located halfway along the trip to allow all travellers to stretch their legs, enjoy a snack and then continue on their way to the festivities. But this was no ordinary Pit Stop, it featured the sweet stylings of Bianco Latte, coffee masters St Ali and French-inspired savoury delicacies by Les Crepes de Marion. Tres magnique! JS_COLOUR_0291

Upon arrival to their accommodation, guests were greeted with a personalised compendium outlining their weekend of available experiences – garden and cellar tours, post Wedding brunch and the couple’s Wedding Day timeline. They also asked the Gents to a don a boaters hat, while the Ladies armed themselves with a laced parasol, ready to bask in their outdoor Ceremony setting with garden games and personalised Pimms station to boot.

For us, the standout moment was watching guests interact with the couple’s Video Diary. Guests were asked a series of personalised questions relating also to how they met, their own Wedding Day celebrations, their relationship to the couple, about their time away and anything they wished to mention. Our couple said that this was the ultimate gift upon reflection of their Day, as it captured the essence of what they wished to create for their Day – a perfect and constant keepsake from their marriage.

All guests were blown away by the many special touches our couple provided on their Wedding Day – while the day was a true celebration of their love, the guests in turn left with reminders of how significant and loved they are to their lives! x


Sea and city skyline Wedding celebrations at St Kilda!

When you meet a couple and their Wedding venue wish list states ‘huge party’ and ‘setting’ our minds ran wild with the many awe inspiring regions and venues that Melbourne provides. Being that our Bride was particularly drawn to the water, we made a dash to the Bayside and fell head over heels for the quaint setting at Little Blue, St Kilda Pier.IMG_9921

The surrounds spoke for themselves – blazing Summer sun, yachts, soaring city skyline, unlimited venue theming options and that our couple’s other one major request was accommodated with ease – no noise restrictions! In short, we had found the ideal venue to create an unforgettable Wedding Day for our Bride and Groom!

Little Blue is nestled at the end of St Kilda Pier and is an iconic kiosk playing host to visitors all year round with it’s Victorian Heritage listing and panoramic views of the fairy penguin colony and sea. With Melbourne’s ever-changing weather you can delight at whatever your day provides with their outside verandah being prime position to celebrate, while also providing ceiling to floor glass panels inside the restaurant setting should protection be needed.

Our party atmosphere was created immediately as guests arrived with the beautiful Rose serving refreshing Pimms and glasses of Champagne, from the Melburnian Caravan Bar. Rose looked like she should ever remain as part of this venue – it was a truly fitting and welcomed addition to the Wedding Day.

The relaxed atmosphere was lead into the Ceremony with Perfect Match host and general character, Greg Evans. Greg livened up the crowd, making them laugh in all the right places and commencing the celebrations for our newlyweds with a fabulous bang!

Guests rocked the night away with a 6-piece 70s and 80s tribute band who worked the floor, exceeded the couple’s every detail and made every moment funfilled and elaborate.

IMG_9927With the dance floor being their primary entertainment for the night, Initial Impressions let the love glow with their lights making a showstopping backdrop for the festivities and a beautiful compliment to the ever sparkling city skyline.

No wish should go unexplored when it comes to a Wedding – your dream Day deserves detailed execution like no other – and with will&jac, this is our primary drive in creating the perfect celebration of a couple’s love! x

Confetti bombs, pooches and Elvis – Ceremony Styling!

CandleAisleDecorGone are the days of more solemn and serious ceremonies, with modern couples being able to pay respect to their vows in colourful and unique ways.

You can’t mention ceremonies without considering celebrants – and the options are endless! You need to ensure that this hugely important element reflects you both as a couple, and will deliver the right service to mark your new life as Mr & Mrs. You will need to reflect upon their style of presentation – if you’d like it to be light hearted and full of laughter, or more serene and classic in form.

Music brings such emotiveness to your ceremony – there is something absolutely breathtaking when a Bride walks down the aisle to her Groom, to the strains of live music – harp, string trio or acoustic guitar.  If you choose to have music played through a sound system, please ensure that you have someone with the necessary knowledge controlling this for you – the importance of trained fade outs is beyond words. Take time with your fiancée to listen to your favourite artists or search for pieces that have formed you both and your relationship – this may also assist with your Bridal Dance and other special songs for the Day.

Don’t forget petals, bubbles or streamers to make your official Exit! You’ve done the hard work and after all of the planning you’ve both undertaken, you’re MARRIED. Make this the start of your Celebrations with upbeat tunes, champagne all-around and lots of embracing of your family and friends. The photos at this significant moment will last a lifetime.

For those that wish to take it a step further, we’ve seen confetti bombs resound as couples commence their new life, Elvis impersonators and other media personalities can wed you in a manner of style and sophiscation – literally, anything goes! And how could we not mention mans best friend –  your four-legged pooch can grace the aisle with the necessary finesse and make the finishing touch to your family occasion.

And if it’s all sounding too overwhelming and you don’t know where to start.. we know two pretty fabulous go-to girls to assist with your all your Ceremony needs! x


Momentos to last a lifetime

Photography can be an element of your Wedding Day that perhaps one or even both parts of the couple are hesitant towards. You mightn’t be the biggest fan of being the centre of attention, comfortable in-front of a camera and a little unsure how you and your Groom will respond to the setting. But never fear, will&jac have a recommendation, take advantage of a Pre Wedding Photo Shoot.

Most photographers now include this as part of their packages as they too benefit from seeing you both prior to your Wedding Day and understand how you both best respond too their language and movements, guaranteeing both of you the very best of shots!

A photographer will often ask for a location that’s either significant to you as a couple, or choose one based on being an idyllic setting for the session that they deem will either contrast too your Wedding Day photos or highlight your personalities. We suggest meeting prior to the shoot for a chat, discuss on the Day timing logistics (a great peace of mind leading into the final planning stages of the Day) and then meandering to your location for some casual shots. Usually the session will last for an hour, therefore not too overwhelming for you both.

Bride’s-to-Be, this is a fabulous occasion to trial any make-up or hair styles for your Wedding Day, and indeed, the final images may be the perfect personal touch to your Wishing Well or Guest Book table at your Reception.

A few weeks before your Wedding some gorgeous images arrive in your inbox that make you and your fiancée excited and eager for the Day to arrive… momentos that will last a lifetime! x

Cherry Blossoms

Bringing praise to the arrival of Spring, cherry blossoms are a fragile, delicate and craved flower that every Bride wants, but only a few manage to get! With there sparse lifeline, cherry blossoms are well-worth the wait with their fresh, refined and mini bursts of colour making any Wedding drip with breathtaking beauty.

For tables, their lengthy branches are best placed in tall vases allowing the multi-lengths to give graduated height. Let the differing blossoms fall naturely to create their own uniqueness. They can then be added into bouquets, it is next to impossible to have an entire arrangement shaped with just their blossoms, but they bring texture and general continuity to your special bouquet.

These mini buds can also be reflected in your Cake icing with cascading representations falling down the facade to bring Cakespiration to your Day!

Allow these ornate and romantic flowers to transform your Wedding Day one cherry blossom at a time! x


A toast to the newlyweds!

Mr&Mrs buntingThere is no greater occasion to sing praises about your loved ones than at a Wedding, but speeches can make some shudder. We want your guests to laugh and sigh during your toasts – and in all the right places! By following the few simple guidelines by will&jac, you and your guests will feel uplifted and inspired when speech time arrives.

Ensure that you and your fiancée have a detailed discussion about who you would like to speak – keeping in mind that the more people you assign, the longer this section of the Reception will take. They don’t need to be the best of public speakers, choose your honoured guests by their connection and impact on your both individually, and as a couple.

We recommend starting speeches with your family – parents, grandparents or god-parents – they know you inside out, allowing them to mark how you both were growing up and reminisce how proud they are of you on this auspicious day. Keep the tissues close though, this will be gushing with love!

Follow your parents wishes with that of your head bridesmaid or groomsmen. They typically raise a toast to their counterpart and will take time to acknowledge your growth in the later years, their length of friendship with you and also their thrill of being part of your Wedding Day team.

If you’d like to keep things short and sweet, then follow with the new Mr & Mrs! This can be a joint speech thanking all of your nearest and dearest for being in attendance, a note to each other to sound your joy and happiness on this unforgettable day and a chance to also thank those who have spoken of their resounding love for you both previously. There will be occasions when there are travelling guests, siblings or even a surprise speech – if you do include more toasts that’s understandable, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. But to avoid any not so welcomed announcements, ensure your Master of Ceremonies double-checks with all speakers to guarantee your list is finalised.

As long as the resounding message from all of your lucky toast-goers is sincere, you are in for memorable and successful toasts! x


A tipple to your Groom

Warming up at Weddings should be fun and fabulous – not concerning and challenging. And today we want to focus on the men, with our recommendation of a Gentleman’s Lounge!

Let your man unwind and indulge with a lavishly laden station to call their very own… a sophiscated and elegant space at your Reception to treat themselves to all those ‘treats’ that spell elegance, grandeur and complete chic-ness!

Bring on the finest of ports, whiskies, armagnacs, cognacs and the most delicate of crystal to propose a tipple to your Groom – all beautiful detailed in vintage labels and served on the rocks – to keep them cosy and comfortable as the evening of dancing and celebrating continues.

The richest of cigars with cutter and personalised lighters to acknowledge the night is young and will make your Groom and his gents feel like proper Kings for your Wedding night.

Add savoury touches of artisan cheeses to satisfy their midnight munches, and why not place an espresso station nearby with some sweets for those that need an extra kick to lead the night into daylight hours.

And don’t be surprised if you see a few of the ladies also venturing into the Lounge with beautifully placed chesterfields and plenty of soft lighting… will&jac know it’s a guaranteed success for your Day! x

What’s Old is New

The age old saying, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’, still rings true. Vintage is in and doesn’t look subsiding anytime soon… as will&jac say, What’s Old is New!

Touches of the old world can be brought into any Wedding, with the more vintage stylings adding placements of timelessness, and those more modern settings bringing character and elegance. Some of our favourite older styling must-haves are…


Vintage bound books – set your Reception tables with volumes of your most loved classics allowing for differing tones to break the often stark whiteness of linen, and place with delicate florals to brighten and enhance the romance.

Cheers with Crystal – there’s nothing quite like enjoying a glass of Sparkling from crystal glassware. These finer details make the table shimmer and will enhance your vintage feel for all your guests.

Statement Suitcases – make for the ideal Wishing Well… add bunting and florals to enhance your chest with love! Your favourite cases can also act has a fabulous Ceremony feature with unique piles creating a beautiful aisle for your grand entrance. These can be adorned with family photos – moments from you and your fiancées parents on their Wedding day, delicate posies or tall spray arrangements – to bring a bespoke WOW.

Doilies can be stitched to make your tableclothes, detail buttonholes, place underneath your table centerpieces, make your own handcrafted ‘Mr & Mrs’ sign, decorate your Signing Table or added to bonbonierres for true feelings of times gone by.

And it doesn’t stop there… brooches and medallions in bouquets, reinventing your mum’s own Wedding gown, classic bicycles to ensure your guests know exactly where to go!, filling all Reception spaces with crystal tealights, cultivated tea cups and jugs, and how could we not mention lace… add the perfect of bows or the most abundant of wraps to bring your vintage world to reality.

But most importantly, embrace what you love and love your Day! x


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